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Cuneo, May 11 2021 - «Despite the short time we had, the progresses and development of this project have been so fast and the quality of activities so high and professional that the results are really impressive. This "Authentic Evolution" is an "authentic emotion": this is the most correct description to talk about it. The EVO37 produced by Kimera Automobili reminds exactly to its original ancestor at the very first sight, even people who have never seen it before can recognize it. EVO37 is beautiful in every detail and make you feel strong and deep emotions. It keeps the soul of that previous model of Eighties, but it is enriched with tributes to the other successful cars which came out later».

These are the words of engineer Claudio Lombardi, who has busily been involved into EVO37 project since the beginning. He entirely created the reverse engineering of the car engine, working closely to the Kimera Automobili and Italtecnica staff.

He was one of the men who projected and produced the legendary car of Martini Racing Team so, who better than him could have rethought the two wheel-drive "Last Queen", the same which succeeded in winning the World Championship, and manage to combine in a unique way the qualities of a modern car in terms of technical avant-garde, performances and driving pleasure? Nobody, right?

This is the reason why the same team of that original car model has been involved to give birth also to this new life of EVO37, in order to preserve faithfully that vision from 1982 until nowadays. Those men gave the input to redefine the solutions this project adopts in a close cooperation with a brilliant team of the new generation, who brings together the greatest automotive companies settled in Torino.

Franco "Inox" Innocenti is the one who gave the imprint of methodical factory work, Eng. Claudio Lombardi redesigned the entire engine, Eng. Sergio Limone supervised and approved the setting of the new car frame, keeping in mind the spec.ifications of the previous car, and Eng. Vittorio Roberti approved the production process and the materials used for the vehicle. Italtecnica, Bonetto CV, Maps, Lam Stile, Ci.elle Tronics, Bellasi and Sparco are the companies which make the dream of the new Kimera Automobili EVO37 possible, thanks to a joint venture process.

A couple of weeks ago a first teaser of Kimera Automobili revealed some design details of EVO37 evocating an icon of world motoring that does its comeback, ready to fight against third millennium challenges through its maximum performance development, as if the car of the time had been conceived today.

The EVO37 will be produced in 37 models only; 11 of them have already been sold.
The countdown keeps running, 22nd of May is close: the best is yet to come!

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