The styling of the EVO38 becomes more contemporary and provides a characterful presence, with more decisive and defined lines and a technical package of extraordinary excellence, well representing the cultural continuity and know-how of which Kimera Automobili is an ambassador, further consolidating this beautiful Italian entrepreneurial fairytale, which seems to recall adventures of bygone times, but which our country is still capable of forging, carrying on this culture to be born as its Universal Heir.


The engine’s power has been increased, touching the 600 horsepower threshold, thanks to the re-engineering of numerous components: the turbocharger will be larger and will always work in combination with the volumetric compressor with a further evolved and improved management; the electro-actuated clutch, also thanks to the aid of an electric pop-off valve, will guarantee a performance that is always prompt and full, creating a true anti-lag. A great step in the right direction for the EVO38


“Its response is surprisingly and excitingly prompt. The acceleration is sudden and lightning-fast, like a catapult. The acceleration is overwhelming, starting from 1000 rpm. It is of an exceptional balance, very fast”.

Cit. Miki Biasion – WORLD Rally Champion 1988-1989

The ignition timing will vary considerably with new cams, valves and springs that have evolved to allow an increase in maximum engine speed and power, but also a substantial increase in torque (around 580 Nm) already available from low rpms. Truly an engine’s Ultimate Evolution


“World Rally Cars are for boys. Group B was for Men.’’

Cit. Juha Kankkunen – World Rally Champion 1986-1987-1990-1993