Founder – CEO

From an early age, Luca practises many sports at a competitive level, such as swimming, skiing, basketball, volleyball and water polo. He graduates from Liceo Classico and, successively, from the Business School at the Turin University.
In the meantime, he cultivates his big passion, car racing, probably inherited from his father and uncles, but certainly fostered and determined by Ayrton Senna, who inspires his life and career. He starts racing despite his entire family’s disapproval (except his father’s) and obstinately self-finances his racing debut, immediately achieving excellent results.

He manages his racing career autonomously, becoming his own boss and, in a short time, a professional driver.
His sport career, spanning more than fifteen years, is full of huge successes in races and important championships. He is the Italian rally driver that, in the last ten years, has raced more in international competitions and championships.


He doesn’t devote himself uniquely to professional car racing; he also starts several business activities, thus diversifying his experiences.
Over the years, he establishes and manages Kimera Motorsport, his racing team, with which he achieves important results both as a driver (with several victories and, in 2011 he almost gets the title in the European Rally Championship) and manager, personally managing the Junior Team of the Abu Dhabi’s Government and some Red Bull’s sport activities in rallies.

He has also been the protagonist, as ambassador and testimonial, of important advertising campaigns and has participated to several important TV programs on the leading Italian networks.
He’s also the creator and co-founder of the start-up, the first Italian web portal of intermodal travelling that offers to anyone the chance to switch from a specific address to another, analysing all the transport options (car, train, plane, public transportation, etc.) and finding the most convenient, fast, low-cost or ecological solution. After starting it, he decided to devote himself mainly to the big love of his life: cars. 

The rest is now.