Complete handling of historical and racing cars’ restoration

Within the complex work of restoration and reconstruction of important historical cars, Kimera Automobili will take care of:

  • Preliminary analysis of the car’s condition and works planning
  • Selection and coordination of the suitable experts to be involved among those belonging to our verified and certified network
  • Check on the observance of deadlines and estimated budgets
  • Check on quality and works correct implementation
  • Acknowledgement of the budgeted costs
  • Review of the entire process with analysis and certifications to allow the best car appreciation.

A unique contact person, meaning guarantee and a saving of time and money.

    Car searching for customers and purchase/sell intermediation services

    Through our excellent network of contacts and the credibility consolidated through the years, we can search peculiar cars or put them on the market in order to favour and increase their sale’s value.

    Analysis, valuations and certifications

    Based on experience and direct knowledge or by virtue of reference experts, Kimera Automobili checks the condition and quality of any car and carries out an analysis and a technical valuation allowing an honest and real car certification that will guarantee the value and quality over time.

    Lancia ᾽70s-᾽80s Specialist

    In our family, three generations have committed themselves to this great brand. This has generated a unique, special and specific expertise, thrown into Kimera Automobili, about Italian cars, above all and in particular about Lancia models of the ᾽70s and ᾽80s. Lancia Fulvia, Stratos, 037, Delta S4 and, later on, all Delta models, from HF to Evolution, are the cars about which our competence and cognizance are objectively wide, precious and rare


    Lancia ᾽70s-᾽80s Parts

    By regularly working, in the last years, on every Lancia model of the ᾽70s and ᾽80s, we have collected and stored a huge quantity of original components. Furthermore, we have a direct line with the brand’s intellectual property specialists for the restoration or reconstruction of mechanical parts by now no longer available and, thus, often rare

    Car Problem Solvers

    The skills perfected over the time, our network of suppliers and consultants and, in particular, the competence, dynamism and versatility in the works planning, allow us to deal with apparently unresolvable aspects in the field of mechanics, logistics, bureaucracy or marketing, which can concern peculiar problems connected with particular or rare cars

    Advisors and Auction Assistance

    Thanks to a network of contacts and relationships developed over the years, with several completed transactions, we are the ideal and fair partner for anyone resolving to assign his car or collection to an auction. In fact, our deep acquaintance of and useful connections with the principal world auction houses allow us to freely address each of them in order to determine the best price and thus maximize the selling