You will know

The K39, an evolution of the legendary Silhouette”, represents a modern tribute to a Motorsport icon. Kimera reinterprets this legacy with passion and precision, ready to write new chapters of glory.


“Dreams without goals are just dreams and ultimately they fuel disappointments. On the road to achieving your dreams, you must apply discipline, but more importantly, consistency. Because without commitment, you will never start, but without consistency, you will never finish.”

Cit. Denzel Washington

In 2025, the K39 will launch towards the sky, facing the challenge of Pikes Peak with determination. Its engine will resonate along the route, paying homage to the tradition of great racing cars.


Every element of the K39 has been designed to excel. The carbon fiber bodywork and advanced aerodynamics are the result of meticulous attention to detail, making the car a true work of art shaped by the wind.


“Dreaming is necessary, although in the dream reality should be glimpsed. For me this is a principle of life.”

Cit. Ayrton Senna



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