The Queen is Back

Kimera EVO37, embracing the Restomod philosophy, brings it to the next level by virtue of combining the style and charm which belong to one of the most legendary racing “Beast” from Eighties and, at the same time, the qualities of a modern car when it comes to performance, comfort and everyday usability.


Un’ Autentica Evoluzione

Kimera EVO37 originated from its past to turn into an icon of motorsport all over the world, reaching the highest level of performances development likewise that car is created nowadays, by modern knowledge and technologies.


“Drive it was a perfect thing. Because it did exactly what I Wanted. Nobody could beat me!”

Walter Rohrl – World Rally Champion 1983

The Tribute

A tribute to those legendary cars of the 80s that were the protagonists of the World Rally Championships.  The last Group B 2-wheel drive who win the world title, beating its all-wheel drive rivals. An icon has become a cult model for motoring enthusiasts.


“This Authentic Evolution turns me on, it’s a great emotion. And it is just correct to use this definition. It preserves the soul of the car of the time, while being enriched by references and tributes, stylistic and technical, of the other successful cars that followed it


Ing. Claudio Lombardi

The deep respect for the past. This is the mood in wich EVO37 project was conceived, immediately involving the work group that gave life to the cars that inspired the EVO37 and through this have handed over to the new generation the witness of experiences and knowledge that have written pages glorious history of the automobile.

Ing. Claudio Lombardi


“Lots of stuff guys! I went back 40 years !! I am really impressed because you have just grounded it and it is immediately beautiful to drive and easy to handle, she was born well! The engine delivery is something impressive. I am amazed at the work you have done! Well done, well done !! I liked it so much!”

Miki Biasion – World Rally Champion 1988/1989 after the first test of the EVO37