Cuneo, January 20th, 2022 – It is a celebration within the celebration. Kimera Automobili is opens the 90th edition of Monte-Carlo Rally with the EVO37 in a special Pirelli livery, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the tyre company.
The new EVO37 brings back the legend of 037, on the same streets which consecrated it as one of the most loved and celebrated racing car in the history of rally and motorsport.
Thursday January 20th , the EVO37 2WD takes part in Monte-Carlo Rally’s Shakedown with a top-of-the-line crew: Mario Isola, Pirelli’s Head of Motorsport, and the 2003 Rally World Champion Petter Solberg. Afterwards, the EVO37 will be exhibited in Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo, throughout the three days of competition, where the Monegasque public will be able to take a close look.
It is an exciting and evocative return, dense with memories and past glories. In 1983, Walter Roehrl won the Monte-Carlo Rally, driving a Lancia 037, and started a legendary battle between the Italian manufacturer and the competitors with 4WD cars. In that edition of the World Championship, the 037 was crowned as the winner against all odds, becoming the last rear wheels drive queen, able to conquer this prestigious title.
It is an all-Italian combination that sees Kimera Automobili as the protagonist of this exciting event side by side with Pirelli, on the occasion of the celebration of the 150 years of activity of the tyre manufacturer. The partnership between Kimera Automobili and Pirelli is built on common values: qualitative and technological excellence, and the spirit of motorsport competitions, as these are also the key elements behind the development of their products.
Kimera EVO37 represents the ideal link between a racing car and a sport car to be used on open roads, where heritage, tradition and celebration of the past meet cutting-edge technology and a contemporary design. Engineered with knowledge and passion, the EVO37 embodies the true and typical Italian supercar.
For this special occasion, the car will wear a special livery, made by Kimera Automobili, to celebrate Pirelli’s  victories in rally competitions.
Luca Betti commented with the following words on his return to Monte-Carlo, where as a driver he won one of his most prestigious trophies: “I am really proud to bring to the Monte-Carlo Rally the Kimera EVO37, 40 years after the birth of the 037, on the roads where the most beautiful pages of motorsport have been written and which have inspired all our work. Doing it together with Pirelli and thus celebrating 150 years of activity of this exceptional Italian brand, is something that makes me extremely honored and grateful to those who make this company one of the Italian excellences in the world. I can’t wait to watch and hear the EVO37 in special stage, 40 years later: it will be an incredible emotion!”

Kimera Automobili Press Office
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