Great late summer previews: Pebble Beach, St. Moritz and Torino Autolook

After the great success of the EVO37, it is almost time for a four-wheel drive version and an extreme car designed for racing and (maybe) for a very few lucky customers

Turin, September 5, 2023 – The international roadshow of Kimera Automobili, which began in April with the presentation of the special edition Martini 7 in Costa Smeralda, continued in August on the Californian coasts of Monterey and Pebble Beach where the second Martini 7 was delivered. Then, the roadshow landed in the exclusive location of St. Moritz on the Swiss Alps, where Gioia was unveiled; the car, the eighth EVO37 produced, is painted in an epic yellow and has garnered enthusiastic appreciation.

Finally, on the first weekend of September, Kimera Automobili was the protagonist of Torino Autolook, with the presence of four EVO37 cars that warmed the hearts of an audience of enthusiasts of all ages.

Just two years after its summer debut at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Kimera Automobili is now preparing to launch a new chapter in its history. Indeed, in hindsight these are two new chapters!

In fact, on the occasion of the last summer appointments, the next chapters of the brand have been anticipated.

After the limited series of 37 units of the EVO37 and the Martini 7 version – a tribute car for the seven victories of the Martini Racing Team in the World Rally Championship – the arrival of two new cars has been announced and scheduled for 2024.

The first one, whose debut is scheduled for the first half of next year, will take the name of EVO38. This project, in continuity with the spirit of the brand, takes up a story interrupted in the past, in the mid-80s, when the two-wheel drive “last queen” was prematurely replaced by 4wd.

At the time, in fact, many people would have liked to develop this technology without a radical change of model; today, Kimera Automobili – as in a sort of “multiverse” – gives new life to the legendary SE038 project by evolving the previous car (and not through a radical change of model, as happened at the time).

The EVO38 will therefore be the “integrale” version of a car considered “perfect, if only it had had four-wheel drive…” Also for this project, Kimera Automobili intends to maintain that profound respect and that attention and delicacy in the interventions to make this “homage” coherent and faithful to a philosophy that has made Italy great in the world. At the same time, however, interesting evolutions and innovations are expected that will make the car very interesting also from the point of view of the technical solutions that will be adopted, which will be revealed at the time of the official presentation of the new model.

The second one, identified as K-39, will instead be a car that will have the aim of bringing the Kimera Automobili brand back into the world of motorsport. Motor racing and rallies in particular are present in the DNA of this car brand. Besides the fact that Luca Betti has been a rally champion and great protagonist on international rally tracks as a professional driver for more than fifteen years, also the technicians, engineers, mechanics and many suppliers have deep roots and links with the world of motorsport. Furthermore, the unmistakable Martini Racing colored stripes, which decorated and made further beautiful the sides of the EVO37, strongly underlined how much Kimera has taken up that sporting heritage and carried forward the philosophy and values of the “Turin academy” which includes pilots, technicians and men who have made Italy proud in the world of motorsport.

Strengthened by this spirit of responsibility, pride and honor towards what the brand represents today on an international scenario, now Kimera Automobili intends to turn its gaze towards the world of racing and is evaluating the opportunity to join an extremely ambitious project. All the details will be revealed in 2024.

Also in this case, the inspirational car for the K-39 is one of those that made Martini Racing’s past glorious: the light and fast “Silhouette” that raced in the World Sports Prototype Championship between the 1970s and 1980s, winning two world titles.

As for the EVO37, the K-39 will also resume those fascinating lines and those ingenious technical solutions that have given a unique character to a vehicle that is still unforgotten today. It will be a strongly “enlarged and lengthened” car, a hyper-restomod with a long tail and lines drawn by the wind.

This project, which as anticipated was born with the intention of taking part in one of the last legendary motorsport challenges, maybe could be also produced in a very limited number of units for a few lucky customers.

The tale of Kimera Automobili is really a great story, so far. Day after day, the brand is corroborating with determination and dedication the reputation and image that it has been able to conquer internationally, thanks to the beautiful shape and the quality level of its products.

The delivery of the cars to customers continues at a regular pace; at the same time, the brand is gathering admiration and affection from collectors and enthusiasts, who acknowledge Kimera Automobili’s merit for concretely demonstrating its flair, creativity and technical skills in the world, making even greater the “made in Italy”, in particular in the automotive field.

As it appears today in the video trailer and on the Kimera Automobili website, it is nice to read “our story has just begun“.

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