Kimera Automobili reimagines a car that never saw the light of day and remained a myth. Here’s the latest evolution of a legendary dynasty.



Cuneo, February 1, 2024 – The fever of anticipation is rising. From 37 to 38 degrees… And with it, the ambition of Kimera Automobili is reaching new heights, with the announcement of the arrival of a new car that aims to undertake a metaphorical journey, going back in time and changing history, creating an alternative reality, a sort of metaverse…

“What if?” What would have happened if…? This is the question that Luca Betti, creator and founder of Kimera Automobili, asked himself, involving once again the same “actors” from the previous rebirth of a world motorsport icon. This four-wheeled legend has been evolved by Kimera into the EVO37 that we got to know in 2021 and that 37 fortunate collectors quickly brought to a sold-out status. And with one of the actors who participated in the rebirth of the myth, Miki Biasion, a two-time World Rally Champion and European Champion on the predecessor of the EVO37, Luca Betti and the already proven and winning team of technicians and designers have been working on the new project named EVO38 in recent months.

The creature about to see the light is therefore the Group B that everyone would have wanted and that never came to be, the direct descendant of the last queen of two-wheel drive that left the scene for commercial reasons, after winning the 1983 World Rally Championship, to a model that then dominated the world stage for the next 10 years.

At the time, a prototype of this idea was also being created, they called it “Mazinga” because of its resemblance to a “comics robot” shape, a first crude experiment in evolution to try to transform that winning car that was perfect in poise, balance, and ease of driving but simply lacked all-wheel drive. The Kimera EVO38 will have shapes far from that rough prototype but will take up the philosophy and spirit of a legendary team that had brought Italian technical excellence to the world, which wanted once again to surpass its limits, and progressively, to improve its creation.

February 22, 2024, is the date on which Kimera Automobili will unveil the EVO38 to the public on all its communication channels and then finally showcase it in a world premiere at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, scheduled from February 26 to March 3, 2024.

Here, the EVO38 will be presented in an exceptional stand, in the presence of all the legendary models of the Team Martini Racing dynasty that preceded it, and of which this car represents the Ultimate Evolution.

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