The anticipation grows: on June 22nd a new exciting project will be revealed 




Kimera Automobili is about to reveal the third act of its history and the comeback to its origins: Motorsport.



Cuneo, June 14th 2024 – The countdown on the Kimera website goes on, time is running out and we are nearing the day when the latest news will be unveiled.

Last August, during the Monterey Car Week, Kimera Automobili had actually activated two different countdowns, one for the EVO38 model, and one for the K39.
While the first went off on the 22nd of February with the unveiling of the new EVO38, the four-wheel-drive star of the last Geneva Motor Show, the second countdown is getting to its last week and preannounces the arrival of a vehicle which strongly reminds of the old “Silhouette” car from the Martini Racing Team, the one that between the ’70s and the ‘80s dominated the World Sportscar Championship.

It’s once again a strong blast from the past: Kimera wants to rediscover and bring back to life a thrilling racecar to celebrate an era and a time when Italian sportscars were the main characters in the world’s most important races.
But there’s more: with the same spirit of that era, Kimera Automobili is preparing not only to unveil its new creation, but also to launch a challenge to modern Motorsport.

Since its birth, in very little time this automotive brand has shocked the world of motoring enthusiasts: first with the EVO37, the car that celebrated the last queen of two-wheel- drive rallying, then with its second creation, the EVO38, which fascinated all of us with the comeback of a four-wheel-drive car that pays homage to an entire dynasty of race-derived cars.

And finally, here’s the third act of this fascinating all-Italian story which will bring Kimera Automobili to its Motorsport comeback with a challenge that will be revealed on June 22nd when, in addition to the unveiling of the racecar, the ambitious purpose for which it was created will also be announced

In all likelihood, the K39 probably won’t be destined to racing programs only, as Kimera is currently studying the possibility of converting the new car to a road-legal version aimed to a very small public of collectors that would have access to an extremely limited and exclusive production slot.

There’s not much time separating us from the moment when, once more, Kimera will try to shock the world… June 22nd 2024.

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