Today in Madrid the official debut at the Motor Sport Insitute

The latest unit has been revealed to its lucky Owner in a one-of-a-kind setting


Madrid, 21st March 2023 – The growth of Kimera Automobili is proceeding at a rapid pace. After having gained the full approval of the public worldwide and after having completed the first deliveries in Europe (Netherlands, Switzerland) and in the United States, the EVO37 has now landed in Madrid, Spain.

This time, the ceremony takes place in honor of a special man, a true ambassador and patron of the world of motorsport: Teo Martin, the creator and founder of the “MSI – Motor Sport Institute” (, one of the most beautiful and prestigious realities in the world of motorsport. Conceived and designed to spread training and coaching of professionals operating in the motorsport field, the Spanish Academy operates in conjunction with the University of Engineering of Madrid and offers to the students the opportunity to translate the knowledge they have learnt from books thanks to the recruitment that MSI promotes in its racing teams, which are engaged in the most important international championships of Rally, Gran Turismo, Marathon Races, and even Moto GP. In fact, besides being a training institute, the MSI is a real engineering factory of motorsport in which excellent professionals work and teach with passion “the job” to cadet engineers and technicians.

Teo Martin is one of the first 5 customers who immediately believed in Kimera Automobili’s EVO37 project when it was just a sketch and a digital render. However, the Spanish entrepreneur, who’s been a rally driver in the ‘80s on the progenitor car from which the EVO37 takes its roots from, fascinated by the incredible project of Luca Betti, strongly believed in his capacities and in the ones of Kimera Automobili, as well as in the ones of all the people who worked on the realization of what – when it was presented to him – was just a little more than a dream.

Thanks to the tenacity, the ability and to a purely Italian flair, Kimera Automobili has brought to life a car which is now rewarding the people who believed in it since the very beginning of the project. Over the time, in fact, the value of the EVO37 has grown considerably.

Luca Betti, Founder & CEO of the Company, comments the debut on the Iberian Peninsula: “It’s starting to make a certain impression to see that the family of our cars grows from month to month. The process of building a car is very complex and aligning all those who work on its manufacture, the suppliers, the different activities, as well as coordinating times and costs requires a titanic effort. However, all the people working with Kimera Automobili are facing this challenge with great professionalism and passion. I am personally proud of the work carried out to date because I have the responsibility and the honor to represent a group of exceptional people who once again demonstrate how strong the “Made in Italy” is and how much it is appreciated all over the world. Moreover, it’s great to see how much added value is embodied in the craftsmanship tradition of Piedmont as it is applied to the automotive industry.”

As tradition dictates, even this new EVO37, which bears the chassis number 002 out of the only 037 limited-edition units which will be ever made, has been baptized with a feminine name. The new creature is called “Paula” in dedication to the Owner’s granddaughter.

From an aesthetic perspective, the chassis n. 002/037 recalls the official premiere of the EVO37: Kimera Red paint and details finished in carbon fiber, anthracite, red Alcantara and CNC-milled aluminum. Every single unit is completely customized by its customer thanks to a sophisticated VR-3D simulator running at Villa Kimera. Thanks to this device the customer can step into a “metaverse” of augmented reality where a 1:1 model of the EVO37 works in conjunction with the digital configurator so as to spec every single detail and finish, among which even the mechanics and components hidden under the skin of the vehicle.

“After the debut in Madrid, Kimera will prepare for a new important step: a news will be unveiled soon and it will surely bring joy to many enthusiasts…”

Kimera EVO37 draws its origins from the past, for reviving a motorsport icon which is brought to the maximum performance development possible as if the car of that era had been conceived today with modern knowledge and technologies. The result of this chrono-cultural fusion is an authentic “one-off” road car with over 500 hp and 550 Nm of torque. These numbers are delivered from a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine which features a dual turbo/compressor volumetric supercharging system. The EVO37 has been realized through the utilization of state-of-the-art methodologies of the automotive industry, such as: 3D scanning, reverse engineering, CAD, CAE, rapid prototyping, CNC milling, sintering, electronics and all the latest technological solutions available.

Kimera EVO37 is the Authentic Evolution of the original model. For this reason, Kimera Automobili has grouped in a single team the best Turinese specialists and suppliers in the automotive field: Bonetto CV, Italtecnica, Sparco, Bellasi, Gma Group, EGS Lobart, JM, AM, CiElle Tronics, Medici. Beyond these names other Italian (and non-Italian) excellences are present, such as Pirelli, Alcantara, Goodwool, Pakelo, Andreani – Öhlins, Brembo and Sprint Filter.

EVO37 is a car inspired by the “Restomod” philosophy which takes this concept to the extreme by combining the style, flavor and charisma of one of the most legendary racing queens of the ‘80s with the characteristics of a modern car in terms of technology, quality and performance. A tribute that wants to pay homage to the legendary racing cars of the golden-era of the World Rally Championships, among which the last Group-B car with 2-wheel drive to win the World Title, beating its all-wheel drive rivals. A legendary car that has set the standard and which has become an icon for motorsport enthusiasts.

Kimera EVO37 represents the ideal meeting point between the rally car and the road car, where tradition, revival and celebration of the past meet technological innovation and a contemporary design. Conceived with taste and passion, the EVO37 is made thanks to inspiration and skills which are typically “Made in Italy”. It was conceived and desired by Luca Betti, rally driver with a prestigious international palmares. Betti personally took care of the development of the whole car, together with the World Rally Champion Miki Biasion, who has been collaborating ever since the birth of the project.”

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