Cuneo, 4 March 2022 – Kimera Automobili is proud to announce the celebration of a unique and exciting event, which immediately became the milestone of its own, albeit young, history.

On 26 February at 4 p.m., at the Chopard boutique in St. Moritz (Switzerland), the Kimera EVO37 chassis number 001 on 037, wasdeliveredtothefirstcustomer. The first owner of the EVO37 immediately believed in the project of Kimera Automobili, together with the founder and CEO Luca Betti.

He is a Dutch entrepreneur, collector of special, exclusive and performance cars, with a special DNA that makes them unique. He loves to drive them personally in his free time and does not limit himself to keeping them locked in the garage to admire them… He chose a truly elegant color configuration. The body is dark green with very original lighter reflections, while the interior – totally in Alcantara® – combines light beige, anthracite and green again. Precisely because of the Dutch collector’s passion for greenery, this beautiful EVO37 was immediately nicknamed “Esmeralda”.

It has now become a tradition for Kimera Automobili, to call every car by a female proper name, as if they were living creatures in all respects. The “zero” car (the development prototype) for example, had been named “Penelope”, by analogy with the protagonist of the Odyssey. Hoping for the return of her husband Ulysses, given by all for dead, to escape a new marriage with a suitor among the nobles of Ithaca, she had promised to celebrate the ceremony only after weaving had been completed. During the day she used to weave the piece while at night she unravels the piece that she has woven. As well as the Kimera EVO37 prototype: during the daytime it carried out its tests and in the evening it was disassembled and reassembled for checks and modifications.

The EVO37 “Esmeralda” was the first deliberate production car, to be configured with a very advanced Virtual Reality program. Through the use of “oculos”, the customer entered the metaverse and viewed his EVO37 at every stage of the construction process (chassis, mechanics, engine, bodywork, interior) thus being able to request the customization of every detail. Kimera Automobili is extremely proud of this outstanding virtual configuration procedure: no manufacturer in the world has such a cutting-edge and state of the art configurator, so as to allow Kimera EVO37 to certainly have the primacy of the car with as many combinations of customizations as possible.

The second car is already being completed and will be delivered in April to another major Spanish collector. Deliveries of the other cars already ordered will then continue accordingly. 26 of the 37 limited edition cars have already been sold to keen collectors from all over the world, including the United States and Japan. Starting from the beginning of this year, the price of the Kimera EVO37 for the units still to be assigned, has risen to 540,000 Euros with the inclusion of some previously optional equipments, such as ABS Motorsport, digital rear cameras, carbon pack and other details.

In parallel with the delivery event of the first car, the Kimera EVO37 prototype in Pirelli branded livery was also back in action in St. Moritz, always as part of the celebratory activities for the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the Italian tyre company. Already the protagonist of the shakedown on the occasion of the recent Monte-Carlo Rally, in the Engadine the EVO37 was driven nothing less than by Miki Biasion, who gave a great show on the icy and snowy surface. The two-time World Champion has carried on from the beginning with Luca Betti, the work of conception, design and development of Kimera EVO37, transferring to this car all his experience accumulated in many years of international competitions.

Kimera EVO37 has its origins from the past, to give rebirth to a world motorsport icon, bringing it to the highest level of performances development likewise that car has been conceived nowadays, by modern knowledge and technologies. The result of this chrono-cultural fusion is an authentic road legal “fuoriserie” with more than 500 HP, inspired by a glorious Italian racing car, realized with a contemporary design and a cutting edge making process. With excellent methodologies typical of the automotive industry and the best modern technology.

A car that, inspired by the Restomod philosophy, takes this concept to the extreme by combining style, flavor and charm of one of the most legendary racing “queens” of the 80s, with the characteristics of a modern car in terms of technology, quality and performance. A tribute to those legendary cars of the 80s protagonists of the World Rally Championships, including the last Group B 2-wheel drive to win the world title, beating the all-wheel drive rivals. An icon who became a cult model for motoring enthusiasts.

Kimera Automobili EVO37 represents the ideal meeting point between rally cars and the road car, where tradition, re-enactment and celebration of the past meet the technological avant-garde and a modern and contemporary design. Conceived with taste and passion, it is made thanks to inspiration and ability typically “Made in Italy”.

Involved in the EVO37 project, in a unique team, are Turin’s finest specialists and suppliers: Italtecnica,

Bonetto CV, Maps, LAM Stile, Bellasi, CiElle Tronics, Sparco.

Other Italian and non – Italian excellence names are added, such as Goodwool, Pakelo, Andreani – Öhlins, Brembo, Pirelli and Sprint Filter.

Thanks to this ambitious and fascinating project, Kimera Automobili thus continues its growth path as a new Italian manufacturer in the world automotive scenario and certainly a further “Autentica Evoluzione” could be expected soon.